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Chandan Kumar
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5 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Sustainable

by Sabrina Nunez You can’t talk about sustainable fashion today without mentioning Emma Watson. Over the past few years, Emma has graced us with one sustainable look after another, providing us with all the OOTD deets we need on her Instagram account @the_press_tour. Emma has inspired me to look into creating my own sustainable wardrobe, but it’s easier said than done. While I still shop from the high street (there’s only so far my wallet will stretch), I’ve found a few totally simple ways to make my wardrobe as sustainable as possible. 1. Invest in Quality Over Quantity How many...

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Kawai Cheng
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5 tips on how to dress confidently for today’s modern woman

by Sabrina Nunez Fashion is often celebrated for its boldness and ability to speak volumes about the wearer. For centuries, women have used fashion as a vessel to communicate our identities, from announcing our economic status to denouncing the patriarchy and societal standards. With the ability to make such strong statements, it’s no wonder we take fashion so seriously. Dressing confidently today is super easy to do and we have the tips to get you started. 1. Take Inspo from Fellow Girl Bosses How many times have you dreamt of showing up to your next meeting dressed like Jennifer Lawrence...

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