5 tips on how to dress confidently for today’s modern woman

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by Sabrina Nunez

Fashion is often celebrated for its boldness and ability to speak volumes about the wearer. For centuries, women have used fashion as a vessel to communicate our identities, from announcing our economic status to denouncing the patriarchy and societal standards. With the ability to make such strong statements, it’s no wonder we take fashion so seriously. Dressing confidently today is super easy to do and we have the tips to get you started.

1. Take Inspo from Fellow Girl Bosses

How many times have you dreamt of showing up to your next meeting dressed like Jennifer Lawrence or Rihanna fresh off the Red Carpet? Guilty! For something that works better with an everyday wardrobe, look no further than your favourite bloggers. There are so many savvy and stylish women making slouchy knits and dreamy denim the new cool girl staples (seriously, we want everything they post). Thankfully, they’re usually rocking an attainable mix of high street and high end pieces. If you love it on someone you admire, chances are you’ll love it even more on yourself.

staples slouchy jumper knitwear stylish confident womenCool-girl staple: wear-with-everything slouchy knits.

2. Get the Right Fit

Have you ever bought something and wished that it was just a bit tighter here or longer there? If so, you’re not alone. While the idea of walking into a shop or making an online order where everything fits properly is ideal, that’s not always the case (we know, it isn’t fair). Being open to sizing up or down and enlisting the help of skilled tailor will make all the difference in the world, trust us. When things fit well, you won’t be worried about your appearance.

3. Create a Uniform

Whether your thing is to wear bold, bright colours or stick to basics, curating a uniform for yourself establishes your personal brand and communicates the way you want to be perceived by others. Uniforms come with the added bonus of working extremely well to benefit lazy mornings (anything to snooze an extra five minutes). Once you’ve found which cuts, styles, patterns, colours and shapes work for you, build a wardrobe around these pieces. It’s easy to swap items into your look each day and head out the door knowing you look great with enough time to grab a coffee!

staples slouchy jumper knitwear stylish confident women wardrobe closet Curate a set of uniform for yourself meant no frantic outfit search in the morning.

4. Comfort is Key

There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothing, whether you’re stuck wearing a pair of trousers at the office that shrunk in the wash, or maybe you didn’t plan ahead for that bottomless brunch (will we ever learn?). A slightly oversized jumper is a cosy staple that pairs well with boyfriend jeans or leather trousers and takes you from work to casual drinks with friends – yes please! With all the options available today, it’s easy to find pieces that fit well, feel relaxed and are still fashionable. By injecting pieces that are simple and comfortable, you’ll spend less time tugging and more time feeling great. Bring on the dessert!

staples slouchy jumper knitwear stylish confident women comfort soft relaxedGo comfy, stay classy! Rachel wears our Vanessa cashmere sweater in sand.

5. Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Finding your personal style often means experimenting with looks that feed your mood (and your soul). Whether you like wearing Breton stripes and berets to channel your French girl muses, or prefer large shoulder pads because they make you feel empowered, fashion gives you the chance to tell people who you are. You can rock leather and heavy liner one day and florals with lace the next. Whatever you wear, if you ensure your outfits match your personality and convey your personal truth, you’ll be unstoppable.

staples slouchy jumper knitwear stylish confident women comfort soft relaxedWear clothes that feed your mood and your soul! Vanessa wears our Riley cashmere jumper in sand.



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