5 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Sustainable

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by Sabrina Nunez

You can’t talk about sustainable fashion today without mentioning Emma Watson. Over the past few years, Emma has graced us with one sustainable look after another, providing us with all the OOTD deets we need on her Instagram account @the_press_tour. Emma has inspired me to look into creating my own sustainable wardrobe, but it’s easier said than done. While I still shop from the high street (there’s only so far my wallet will stretch), I’ve found a few totally simple ways to make my wardrobe as sustainable as possible.

1. Invest in Quality Over Quantity

    How many times have you bought something from the high street that shrinks or gets a hole in it after a few wears? (RIP to all my cheap jumpers that have died an early death). Like with any piece of clothing, the way cashmere is made impacts its longevity; inferior materials and manufacturing result in a less durable product, which is why investing in high quality cashmere is key. When done properly, collecting hair from cashmere goats actually helps them to stay healthy and survive in hot weather, so it’s a win-win! All of our jumpers are made of ethically-sourced, high quality lightweight cashmere because we want you to love them forever.

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    2. Research the Brand’s Ethics

      It’s 2018 and we are deep in the era of the Internet, which means there are no secrets. You can quickly Google a company to find out what its values are and how its products are sourced. In addition to responsibly collecting our cashmere, we value our community and make our jumpers in one of the last knitting factories in Hong Kong that employs displaced and retired knitters. We also took time to do the research and ensure we are using the best material. What’s better than doing good while looking great?

      Cashmere sweater jumper soft comfortable grey knitwear women style staple essential factory mindful manufacture girlboss sustainable fashion ethicalForever celebrating the women behind the scene #OurCultureIsCommunity

      3. Love Every Piece You Purchase

      Marie Kondo’s method of keeping items that bring you joy and discarding those that don’t isn’t just a life lesson, it’s the only thing that’s saving my closet at the moment. Nothing was more freeing than realising I don’t need those acid wash jeans from the early 2000s. Since adopting the mentality of loving and actually wearing every item in my closet, I’ve not only saved money, I’ve curated a wardrobe that excites me because it’s full of clothes I never want to stop wearing. And yes, I do still love my tiny Spice Girls tees that no longer fit. They’re collector’s items!


      4. Thrift Shop

        Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were on to something big with their hit single from 2012, and it wasn’t just catchy lyrics. All the cool girls on Instagram know that to have an enviable wardrobe, you have to be a savvy thrift shopper. I mean, vintage Chanel bags don’t just grow on trees, right? Once you get the hang of it, thrift store browsing becomes second nature. Vintage screams chic and tbh, I’m tired of wearing all the same things as everyone else.

        Cashmere sweater jumper soft comfortable knitwear women style staple essential factory mindful manufacture recycle thrift shop sustainable fashion ethicalMixing in a fresh but found item is one of the easiest ways to add a personal touch to your style and to cut down waste in fashion industry.


        5. Follow Bloggers Who Repeat Outfits

          This one may sound strange, but hear me out. The fashion blogging world is full of hauls and #ads, so when you follow loads of girls who seem to never repeat outfits, that’s problematic. I like to follow girls like Lizzy Hadfield (@shotfromthestreet), Anna Newton (@theannaedit) and Alice Catherine because their feeds mix pieces I’ve seen loads of times with a few seasonal updates. It’s realistic! I also love Estée Lalonde, the queen of keeping it real, she re-wears pieces she loves without caring who sees or how many snaps they’re in (spot her in our Riley Cashmere in Sand on her feed and in her stories). With the right layering, right accessories and right touch, these bloggers show us how to recycle pieces for many seasons without getting tired of them!

          Estée Lalonde cashmere jumper sweater comfortable soft staple essential knitwear style fashion  Throwback to that week when the ultimate comfy queen Estée Lalonde wore our Riley jumper 5 days in a row <3




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