Cora Cashmere in pink

$192.00 $115.00


+ Model is 5'11"- wearing size S/M

+ Relaxed fit

+ Grade A cashmere from Inner Mongolia

+ Made in Hong Kong


It doesn’t get more classic than the Cora Crew. This jumper is made with grade A Mongolian cashmere and designed for a relaxed fit, so you can wear it whenever and however while still looking good and feeling comfortable. Tucked in your jeans or thrown over your yoga outfit? It's all good...


Our jumpers are made with 100% grade A cashmere, sourced from Inner Mongolia with every intention to make you feel comfortable and simply good. Even better, our cashmere sweaters get softer with age. So you can wear it over and over again and feel better in it every time.


Made in one of the last knitting factories in Hong Kong, our sweaters are knitted by displaced and retired knitters. By creating job opportunities to these skilful artisans and seasoned technicians, they can continue to practise their skills and feel good too.


Your outfit should be the last thing that holds you back when you're getting ready. That's why we've designed every piece to be versatile, effortless and relaxed, so that you can focus on things that matter, like - where you should go for brunch. Still not sure about the fit? Email us at

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