Feel Good, Look Good.

Looking good, starts with feeling good. So, do more the things you love! Weekend markets, girlfriend brunches or some lazy couch time. And the best part is, our pieces are designed to be worn for all of these occasions. Your outfit should be the last thing that holds you back when you're up for some downtime.

We did this.

It took us 365 days, 6 countries and 11 sample rounds to get to the perfect fit, quality and material to make sure we are your ultimate companion for all your downtime and feel-good moments.

Soft and lightweight cashmere that make you feel good all year around
Versatile cut to wear however, whenever and wherever
Quality yet affordable so you don't have to tradeoff

Our Culture is Community

We have made a conscious effort to make sure that our manufacturing activities would contribute to local communities. That's why we produce our jumpers in one of the last knitting factories in Hong Kong, where they are made by displaced and retired knitters. By creating job opportunities to these skilful artisans and seasoned technicians, they can continue to practise their skills and feel good too

Our Story

In short: we (founders Kitty & Kawai) were roomies 10 years ago, but lived several years later in 2 different continents, have seen each other 5 times since, but never apart because of all the things we had in common (pun intended). Read more about our story.

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