Ethics & Sustainability

We are not driven by trend or profit. Our goal is to create comfortable clothing that stand the test of time while always keeping ethical and sustainable practises in mind. We aim to learn and evolve our practices and adjust our fabrics and manufacturing as we go, to adapt to the ever-changing world and developing technology in the hopes of contributing to a better and more sustainable world. 

Small batches

We produce small quantities of each product - this allows us to better quality control our items and avoid waste such as fabric scraps and product waste; each and every item gets sold out in the end - i.e. nothing will be thrown out.


Our materials and fabrics are chosen with thought and care. We use quality materials that are either natural, durable, ethically or sustainably sourced.


We only create and launch designs that we truly feel passionate about and would want to see in our own wardrobe year after year. Our designs are timeless and versatile and made with high quality materials. This way, we hope we can inspire customers and women around us to invest in a timeless wardrobe to reduce participation in fast fashion. Our goal is to see, years from now, our pieces in your closet, not in a landfill. 


We make a conscious effort to ensure that our manufacturing activities contribute to local communities. At this point, we have our cashmere jumpers produced in one of the last knitting factories in Hong Kong, where they are made by displaced and retired knitters. By creating job opportunities to these skillful artisans and seasoned technicians, they can continue to practice their skills. 

If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve, we happily receive them via email - you can contact us on