Our Story

In short: we (founders Kitty & Kawai) were roomies 10 years ago, but several years later we lived in 2 different continents - have seen each other 5 times since, but never apart because of all the things we had in common (pun intended).

Yes, we’re afraid we’re your typical feel-good story of two galpals who, over a couple of beers and a skype call between London and Hong Kong, came up with their million-dollar idea (keep you posted when due!). With our busy lifestyles, daily-outfit-dramas and packing-for-travel-crises,  were desperately in the search for that ultimate jumper that is meant to go anywhere, anytime with comfort and in style, without any unnecessary compromises or crazy price tags. Those wear-with-everything pieces that will carry you day and night, through seasons and travels. And you probably have figured it out: there is no such thing. Well there was no such thing, until now.

To tell you the truth, we really wanted to design that ideal feel-good jumper for ourselves. But we soon realised that it would be a selfish thing to do and we should share the love. It sounds silly coming from us, but we love our jumpers - you can decide for yourselves ;)

So listen; with Common Thread...

  • You no longer need to fuss about different outfits before getting to the door
  • You will be supporting local communities because we manufacture our items in ethical factories
  • You will be carried by soft, comfy and quality material all day
  • You will feel good, and therefore look good wherever the day takes you

Much love,

Kitty & Kawai